moderated unable to get JAWS to read a different page than the one I'm on

Laura R


There's probably an obvious solution to this, but I'm not finding it!

Here's an example:
I'm on page 1 of a pdf.
I use CTRL+Shift+N to go to another page, for example, page 40. 
The popup appears and I enter page 40 in it.
When I click Okay, I am taken to page 40.
However, when I hit INSERT+Down Arrow or the Down Arrow on page 40, 
JAWS jumps back to page 1 and reads that instead.

This is happening in all pdf's and the page numbers above are an example. If I started on page 40 and wanted to go to page 80, JAWS would return to page 40.

How do I get JAWS to read the page I want?

Best regards,
Laura Roberts

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