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On Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 12:37 PM, David Kingsbury wrote:
I should add that if you are in a folder with primarily audio files like music, size is not part of the details view default for individual files.
Absolutely correct.  I was willing to assume we were not talking about the media libraries, which do have formats specific to the media type.  Even Photos display as thumbnails by default, though if you change them to details view you do get the size shown.

Windows does a good job as far as "presenting what most would want to know" based on what library a given thing is stored in.  Otherwise, it uses the folder settings for documents or general items.

If you open the Properties for a given folder (or library) and look at the Customize tab the first item is the "What kind of folder do you want?" dropdown which shows the various options for presentation.  Were you to want to change media files to "show like regular" you would change from audio/video to general or documents.

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