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Curtis Chong

Sorry, but I did what you suggested and on my system, the recommendation did not work. Apologies.


Curtis Chong


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Hello Barbara and David, that is a good way to see ithems size info, but it's alot of data! Howeber it's a good alternative.


I know what can you do for solving your problem, Barbara, so my Windows is in spanish.  I'd like to guide step by step sso I don't know exactly how do it propperly.


You should go to Folder options (or File Explorer settings?) and get to View tab (or symilar, I really sorry!).  Now you can find a tree view with various options, aproximately 21 options, using tab key and after moving down with down arrow.


Well, there should be any option called something symilar to "Show info about file size in folder recommendations".  If you find this option, check it is on.


Let's it!  Now you can "apply changes" and press OK.  After this you can see "file size" as just as you want, using right arrow over selected ithem.




El 18/1/2022 a las 11:27, David Kingsbury escribió:

Hi Barbara,

Right arrowing in Details view will tell you the size of files, but not folders. To hear folder size, with focus on the folder, press Alt Enter to get into properties and press Insert B. You will hear a bunch of stuff, including the size of the folder.

If you are having a problem with files in Details view, then I don’t know what is going on.


Salu2, Kari

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