moderated question about jaws

meow meow

hi everyone
Rosie here...

my old computer window 7 jaws 21
I have new laptop now window 11 Jaws 21
my questions are
my window 7 that I am cleaning out and save some files and I would not make on time for my deadline aawww how it spell it the Jaws shrip that deadline of Jaws 21 on Feb 2nd...
well my permitant jaws is Jaws 17 are not deadline how can I make it back to Jaws 17 to have it auto when I tun on my computer again

on my new computer window 11 does have permitantly Jaws 21 that ment no deadline and not know how to tell my old computer Jaws 21 is not deadline if I can do that way?

I need more time to clean out my computer and learn how to use my new computer lol

and another question is
my new computer window 11 laptop it confuse keybords different way I wonder if my new computer would except if I put my bluetooth keyboard would if I put in new laptop?


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