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Curtis Chong


Why not use the arrow keys instead? Also, it might help to toggle the num lock function on and then back off.

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Good Thought but no good. I did max the xcreen, and also restarted Jaws
2022/ but nothing got the numpad 6 key to work or move to the next

One thing that might help, or not, after opening the cell, using the F2
key, pressing the home key, pressing the numpad 5 key does say the first
letter. If I press the delete key on that letter it does bring up the
next letter to delete and so on. I can then insert whatever needed and
press the enter key and all is well.

But sure would sure like the numpad 6 key to highlight the next letter
so that it can then be changed.


Thanks for input so far and good thoughts.

Morey Worthington

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