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Howard Traxler

The left and right arrow keys should move you around in the text box; just like in a text editor.  When finished, press enter.  The text box will close and you'll be put down to the next row in the same column.


On 1/15/2022 7:44 PM, Morey Worthington wrote:
Evening all.

Using  Excel 2007, Jaws 2022, Windows 10.

I go into excel document, go into cell, and want to edit a certain letter in that cell.

I press the f2 key and it say edit.

All is good.

 I press the home key to get to front of text and using the number pad it says...what ever key is there.

Now the issue. How in the heck do I get to the letter I want to change??

I press the f6 key to go next letter and nothing happens. So, how do I get to whatever letter I want to change, edit, and then edit it??

I am really lost on this one.

Remember, Excel for dummies.


What  I am after is what keystrokes to move aroung in edit field, and if done, press the escape key to get out of it or????


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