Re: Is Research It really necessary?

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

Hi Dave.

Actually, don't Google have glasses for sale that display things now? I heard something about that on the news recently.
That's all we need, another reason for distracted people to not see us coming on the sidewalk. *LOL*

But I agree with you. Go to Dell or Compaq and say "hey, you really should make something with no visual display". Good luck with that.

Wasn't there a machine like this built for blind folks back in the 1990's, called David? I seem to remember something like that existing at one time.

If you ask me, we've never had more access than we do now. Don't want a blind-specific note taker from Freedom Scientific, HumanWare, Hims, etc. you can use an iPhone or iPad right out of the box. Connect a Blutooth keyboard to an iPhone and you have a heck of a lot in your pocket, not to mention Blutooth braille displays.
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