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On Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 10:54 PM, T. Civitello wrote:
Never mind, figured it out.
That, while great for you, won't help others who may come upon this topic looking for answers themselves.  Thus, I'll offer the followng tutorial, written by Bill White:

Creating a Desktop Shortcut for a Program/App Under Windows 10

             by Bill White

Steps 1 through 8 create a permanent desktop shortcut to the AppsFolder.  This is optional.  If you prefer not to do this, then you can simply hit WinKey+R, then enter shell:Appsfolder, then hit enter and continue at step 10.

1. Go to your desktop and make sure nothing is selected. To do this: press CONTROL plus SPACE, then JAWS (or other screen reader) should say, “Not Selected.”  If you need to, hit CTRL+SPACE again.

2. Press Applications/Menu Key or SHIFT plus F10, and Arrow down to the New Submenu, then press ENTER.

3. ARROW down to Shortcut then press ENTER.

4. When it asks you to type the location of the shortcut, type:  %windir%\explorer.exe shell:Appsfolder

5. TAB to the Next button then press ENTER.

6. When it asks for a name for the shortcut, press the DELETE key then type:  AppsFolder

7. TAB to the Finish button, then press ENTER.

8. Now, on your desktop, you will have a shortcut that reads:  AppsFolder

9. If you press ENTER on the AppsFolder shortcut, a special Windows system folder will open containing all of your apps.

10. Use First-letter Navigation to find and select the app for which you want the shortcut on your desktop.

11. Hit the Applications/Menu Key, or SHIFT+F10, down arrow to Create Shortcut, then press ENTER.

12. When it tells you that a shortcut can’t be created here, and it asks if you want a shortcut on the desktop, press ENTER on Yes.

13. That’s it. Now you will have a shortcut for your chosen app on the desktop.  If you followed steps 1 through 8, there will also now be a shortcut to the AppsFolder on your desktop, you’d just pick up at step 9 rather than step 1 the next time you need a desktop shortcut for an app.

or this tutorial that I wrote, downloadable in MS-Word format:  

Adding Desktop Shortcuts Under Windows 10 or 11

Brian - Windows 10, 64-Bit, Version 21H2, Build 19044  

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