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Mike B.

Hi Fred,
Go to the , Control Panel / Sounds / Playback
Highlight the soundcard, then tab to, Properties, and press the spacebar to open.
Control tab to the Enhancements or Advanced tab, now tab through to turn off any bass boost or audio enhancements settings.
I don't know what options you'll have, but once you're in the right area you can experiment to see what sounds best for you.
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.
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From: Fred Adams
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2022 8:29 AM
Subject: Re: Del computer service

Bill, you are right in what I said.  The computer works fine but just very
basey audio and practically no treble.  The problem is not my speakers as I
use two computers with one set of speakers.  I thought of calling the
microsoft help line but the problem seemed to have started during dell
updates and I thought dell might have the solution.  I have been working on
this problem now for about a month.  Anyway, thanks to all that has or will
try to help me.  I can be contacted off the list as I do not want to clutter
up the list.

Thanks again,

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Hi, Marten. Fred wrote the following:

The problem is very basey audio

So, Fred is saying that his audio has too much bass, and not enough treble.

Bill White


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Post Uiterweer
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2022 7:58 AM
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What exactly is the problem?
Your computer becomes slow?

Maybe disable the Wavemax audio driver.
Open the startmenu, type:
Tab when this program opens and you are in a list.
Find the Wavemax audio driver. I don' have the exact name, something with
Wavemax I thought.
Right click on it and choose properties.
Set startup type: disable.

Your sound will still work without this driver.

Kind regards, Marten

On Wed, 12 Jan 2022 10:37:30 -0500 "Fred Adams" <w4hc@...>

> I have a Del desktop computer about 5 months old and I am having an
> audio problem that I can not find solution to.  The problem is very
> basey audio after Del upgrades about December 8, 2021 and before del
> upgrades the
> was great.  I have checked every setting that I can possibly think of
> without success.  Jaws is not the problem as jaws is working fine.  I
> am thinking of calling Dell for help as the problem seems to be in the
> settings someplace.  If anyone on the list has called del for help I
> would like to know how things worked out for you.  I have checked
> programs and features etc but find nothing there.  Any suggestions
> will be greatly appreciated.  Also, on you tube it is so basey that I
> can not listen. I
> that this is a blundering message but hope it can be understood.   I am
> using W10 and latest jaws..

> Thanks much,



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