moderated My Nerdy Approach to Creating and Managing Favorites

Curtis Chong

Greetings everyone:


I thought it might be helpful to the group if I passed along a solution for managing website favorites which works across all of the Windows browsers I have worked with over the years: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.


First, I created a folder within My Documents called Favorites. There is nothing magical about the name of the folder. You can call it anything you like. This is where you would store any Favorite that you create.


Second, using Edge or any other browser, go to the web page for which you would like to create a favorite or shortcut. Press ALT+D or CTRL+L (it really doesn't matter) to move the focus to the address bar. Since the URL contained in the address bar is already highlighted (selected), press CTRL+C to copy the URL to the Windows Clipboard.


With File Explorer, open the Favorites folder you have created. Press CTRL+SPACE a couple of times to ensure that nothing is selected. JAWS should tell you when the line item is not selected.


Now, press Shift+F10 to open up a context menu and up arrow to New. Press right arrow to open the submenu and press down arrow to Shortcut. Press Enter.


Paste the URL you copied earlier into the edit field and tab once to type a name for the Shortcut. Then, press Enter.


That's all there is to it. Any time you want to manage or go to a favorite, use File Explorer first to locate the favorite and then press Enter to activate it.




Curtis Chong


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