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JM Casey

The OP did not ask for a downloader. That is a very different thing from a youtube app. The request did not go into detail but it sounded like what they wanted was an equivalent to the google youtube app for smartphones, but for pC instead. As such, there are at least browser extensions -- i keep getting offers to install in chrome. I'm sure if they wanted some programme that attempted to download youtube videos to make local copies 9something which youtube is trying to prevent), they would have specified so.

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au contraire!

as mentioned, there is Pontes Media Downloader which doesn't seem to download videos as quickly as it once did, but there also is TCA Media

there are links beyond the end of the description to download a tutorial done in Spanish, there's no English version), the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the program, and libraries for Linux.

once downloaded and unzipped, and after running it, the first thing to do is shift+tab to and space bar on the Menú Button, down arrow to and spacebar on Opciones.
you will be on the General tab, tab to Seleccione un idioma para la
aplicación: Combo box, and down arrow to Inglés. tab to and spacebar on the Aceptar Button.
you will then be faced with a statement "Se cambio el idioma y la aplicación tiene que reiniciarse (Changed the language and the application has to be restarted.).", in which you will press spacebar on the Aceptar Button again.

some of the following changes you will run in to might still be in Spanish as the developer has not gotten around to translating them into English, but most of it will be in English once you set the language to Inglés.
have fun exploring.

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Hmm. Well, there is a youtube extension for chrome and probably an add-on for Firefox as well. Not sure about a standalone app – I don’t think so but someone could correct me if I’m wrong.

Why do you want this? Just curious. Youtube on a chromium-based browser with ad-blocker isntalled is pretty much the ultimate youtube experiecne, though there are a few things that I can only seem to do on my phone app, like answer polls and such, maybe. I guess it depends on how active you want to be with the youtube community.

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Hi. Is there an accessible utube app to use for windows 10 and windows 11.

Any one using this.

That works with jaws.


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