moderated Re: Putting computer to sleep

James Malone <james.malone93502@...>

I can't say I've had an issue with my computer going to sleep. I do
have an issue with Jaws being super sluggish for a good 30 seconds to
a minute after I wake it up though, so not sure what's up with that.

On 1/9/22, Howard Traxler <htraxler7@...> wrote:
I try to keep my computers awake.  When they go to sleep, they don't get
email; then, if they've slept long, it take a long time to catch up on
the mail download.  I guess it's different for different folks.

On 1/8/2022 7:43 PM, Paul Filpus wrote:


Brian, the sleep option does occur in my power menu, and I can put my
computer to sleep hitting that option. I presume the power menu you
mention is the one brought up when closing a session is attempted. Let
me know if the power menu is something else.

Dan, contacting Microsoft Disability is a good suggestion. I’ll do
that if I don’t get any more suggestions here.



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