Moderated Re: Jaws convenient ocr with hp all in one scanner

Lee Anne Atkinson



I have an HP all-in-1.  I find if I use HP Scan and Capture and a lot of patience with the JAWS cursor I can select to scan a document.  Once the scan is complete the buttons and menus are fairly accessible.  I save my document to the desktop in a pdf format and then I can choose the OCR with JAWS.  If you just want to read a document, I find that scanning/capturing with my phone produces good results, too. 


Hope this helps,


Lee Anne


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Subject: Jaws convenient ocr with hp all in one scanner



I’m trying to use jaws 2022 convenient ocr with my all in one hp device connected to my computer through my network. The hp scanner shows up when launch the jaws convenient ocr; but, when try to scan doesn’t recognize the scanner or work property.

Any ideas or suggestions?





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