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Mike B.

Hi Randy,
Try the following:
1. Open the Run dialog with the keystroke, Windows key + R, and type the following,
and press enter.
Now use first letter navigation using the letter, O , until you land on OneNote.
With One Note highlighted open the context menu with the applications key or shift + F10 and up arrow to, Create shortcut, and press enter.
You'll get a dialog about a shortcut key can't be created here, would you like it on the desktop instead, so press the spacebar on the, Yes, button.
Okay, you're done, a OneNote shortcut should now be on your desktop.
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.
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Subject: Putting OneNote on Desktop

Can anyone give me directions on how to put a shortcut on to my desktop? I am trying to create a desktop shortcut for OneNote on my desktop.


I am finding OneNote in my list of programs after hitting control-escape and arrowing down to OneNote, I hit my applications key and do not see an option to add a shortcut to the desktop. I thought this is how I did it in the past.


Any help would be appreciated.


Randy Meyer


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Subject: Re: Putting computer to sleep


Do you have a Sleep option showing up in your Power Menu?

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