moderated New Training Course From Hartgen Consultancy: New Training Course. Jaw Muscles: A Guide to Increased Productivity Using JAWS for Windows.

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I highly recommend the below course for people using JAWS who need or want to improve their proficiency and efficiency with this screen reading program. I have found Hartgen Consultancy to be an excellent company to work with.




Curtis Chong


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New Training Course. Jaw Muscles: A Guide to Increased Productivity Using JAWS for Windows.

Submitted by Brian Hartgen on Mon, 01/03/2022 - 14:03


People often want to be more efficient when using the JAWS screen-reader. Particularly when in the workplace, this is especially important as they want to be able to demonstrate they can carry out tasks at a similar speed to their sighted colleagues. But it could also be helpful for people within education or within leisure pursuits.

In our experience, many people claim to be efficient screen-reader users. It transpires however that what they mean by that is that they've increased the speech rate significantly. While this is helpful, they are not familiar with the many shortcut keys and facilities built into JAWS to increase productivity. Our new training course will not only give you lots of shortcut keys to aid efficiency, but it will also show you the best ways to find what you are looking for, and demonstrate many JAWS gems with which you may not be familiar.

What Kinds of Topics Will Be Covered?

This training course, Jaw Muscles, does not focus upon using JAWS with a specific application. You'll find that you'll learn tips and tricks for working in documents, browsing the web with any browser, using workbooks in Excel or Google Sheets, managing Email and even using sites such as YouTube. In short, you'll gain a vast amount of knowledge concerning all manner of ways to make you more efficient within a variety of computing settings. For example:

  • If you have opened up a web page from a search results list, then moved back to the previous page, JAWS may not locate the previous position. What is the quickest way to get back to where you left off reading?
  • Using Google Sheets, how do you review the contents of a cell one character at a time?
  • How do you change the JAWS keyboard shortcuts for speech or Braille to something more appropriate for you without using the Keyboard Manager?
  • What's the quickest way of spell checking a Microsoft Word document?
  • Can JAWS be instructed to read the information you want when moving through an Outlook mail folder without extraneous chatter?
  • How can you find a keyboard shortcut in JAWS if you cannot remember what it is?

There are so many tools and utilities hidden inside JAWS to improve efficiency. It's just a question of finding them.

Who Is The Course For?

This training course is certainly for JAWS users who wish to improve their screen-reading skills. But it is also for trainers of Assistive Technology. We've seen many instances where people are trained to use the Microsoft application shortcut keys, and this is all very fine. But as trainers, we would suggest it is our duty to teach people about the added JAWS benefits provided by other keystrokes. If we can avoid unwanted key presses, not only does it make someone more efficient at using a computer but it also avoids the onset of conditions such as repetitive strain injury. All the unnecessary key presses a person has to do add up over the course of a day.

This training course is suited to anyone using recent releases of JAWS or ZoomText Fusion. As will be seen below, the training course is provided in both audio and text formats so is ideal for anyone who is unable to hear audio content or for quick reference.

Course Structure.

The training course will run for eight weeks. For seven out of the eight weeks, you will receive an audio file and text transcript to download which is the lesson for that week. The running time of each file will be at least 30 minutes, and will focus upon a specific subject, such as tips and tricks for using web browsers.

There will also be a lesson held using the Zoom conferencing platform for one week, in order that people can share their strategies and shortcuts for working with JAWS. Finally, you will be part of an Email list, again to share ideas, tips and tricks.

Audio files and text transcripts are downloaded from a secure area of our website.

Course Delivery.

Jaw Muscles will commence week beginning Monday 14 February 2022 and weekly thereafter.

The cost of the course is £50 which is currently 68 US dollars.
Purchase JAW Muscles Online.

While it is by no means a requirement for course participation, we are offering an additional package if you do not have our Leasey product. One of the main advantages of Leasey is to add even more productivity tools to those already available within JAWS and this year, we intend to add even more of these. JAW Muscles with Leasey is available at a substantially reduced rate for a combined total of £80 which is approximately $108 US.
Purchase JAW Muscles With Leasey Online.

Alternatively, anyone can purchase either package by sending an Email to jaws@..., whereupon a fully accessible electronic invoice will be sent to you which can be paid through PayPal or any major credit or debit card.


While many people can use computing applications with the keyboard at a basic level, we want to lick your screen-reading skills into shape. We'll show you plenty of strategies you probably didn't know about. Once you've completed our new training course, you will be able to show everyone your screen-reading muscles!


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