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I got new one from MaxiAid and it cheaper there it cost me 775.00 if I remember excalty and it work well and it ship to me well by UPS
total 800  with cost of shipping

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The Perkins Brailler is priced at $810 plus a little over $20 for UPS delivery. I just purchased one online for a person who is not very comfortable with web browsing.


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    we havee try to call twice to pertkins  for braille writer and no answer  and did left in voice mail and no return call and did email and it fail to reach them

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You really have only one choice and that is the Perkins Braille Writer. I don’t think you are looking for the electric one.


You can find brand new ones at Perkins Store. Price is around $900.00


Here is the web URL to the Perkins Store for Braille Writers:


You can find people selling secondhand Perkins Braillers ranging in price from around $250.00 and I have seen some going for as high as $400.00. Ads are usually found on blindads a listserv found on, and you can find ads in the Braille Forum from the American Council of the Blind and the Braille Monitor from the National Federation of the Blind.






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Hi Roseie here...

I hope I can ask this kind of question

do anyone know whick kind is best to buy good braille writer?

just manual


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