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Karina Castro

Hello Ralph, well I think that this method is so hard.  Because you have to build in localhost, with Apache and MySql running in local machine and other things... so if you really want to do, you should setup all necessary ambient by yourself.  When you try to learn Wordpress since an hosting, alot of things are right ready to go.

Now I want to explain something, with a full cms like Wordpress, you can build whichever site you imagine. Blogs, social networks, forums, portals, stores and much much more kind of websites.  So you oviously need to think about your first site, what do you want to build? Mavy a store, or a simple blog.  So when you build your first blog, you can advance with another type of site, may a store.  So if you say you want to start to build a blog, we can recommend certain tools and methods to setup Wordpress to build this first blog.  If you say you want to launch a store, we can do the same... so, you need to be sure what you want to build right now.


El 5/1/2022 a las 01:16, musiime ralph escribió:
thanks for the reply. am not sure of your question but am just a
beginner. i want to learn first to build word press websites using the
offline method.

On 04/01/2022, Armando Vias <armando@...> wrote:
Hey. What website are you trying to build? I build websites on the side. I
also use WordPress.

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On Jan 4, 2022, at 12:16 PM, musiime ralph <ralphmusiime@...>

hello friends,

hope this mail finds you well. once again am requesting your support
on how to build word press websites offline using a screen reader. at
least if someone has a YouTube channel, website or book I can read I
will be grateful.
I have struggled to search on the web but I can't seem to be getting
any support.

Musiime Ralph
Accessibility and inclusion evangelist
Mobile: +256783692737
Email: ralphmusiime@...

Salu2, Kari

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