moderated how to bring back hidden folders in outlook

Deb and the girls

I use a windows 7 laptop with the version before the latest update of jaws.

I use a USB keyboard connected to the laptop.

Anyway, the last few days many of my folders in outlook 2013 are hidden.

I used control Y and found they are still there but do not pop up as usual when I open outlook.

The Microsoft disability answer desk person says it is because they are being hidden by some browser messages which I do not hear or find anywhere.

How do I remove these messages so I do not have to do a control Y every time I want to open a folder such as deleted items, drafts, junkmail, and so forth.

Confused in South Dakota.

I have a brand new laptop which I will begin using in a few days.

But I am keeping this one as I have downloaded at least 14 unread books in my audible account that I want to keep.

Any bright ideas.

Deb Ver Steeg


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Subject: Re: Recommendations for an accessible accounting software




See the below link for “Wave Apps.”  Although I have not used it personally, I understand that it is accessible.  Also, its basic functionality is free.





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Subject: Recommendations for an accessible accounting software


Hello everyone, I am looking for recommendations for accessible accounting software to use with my business. At the moment, I am doing it through Excel spreadsheets. Looking for something that can be possibly collaborated on with in a team Setting.


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