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JM Casey

Hey there.


I’m afraid it’s been  a few years now since I used it, so I can’t exactly tell you what steps to take. Plus, it was an old pre-DC version, so things may have changed since then. However a quick google search seems to suggest this is still something Acrobat Pro can do, so I would take a poke around and see what you find.


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I had no idea that adobe acrobat had an OCR feature. How do I use this?



Betina Vega

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Adobe Acrobat Pro actually has its own oCR component and it probably does a better job than jAWS does (it is certainly better at dealing with larger files). Does the dialogue you see at work actually mention JAWS? Now I’m curious. My Adobe Pro at home is broken so I can’t really check – in any case now I have Abbyy Finereader which does the job quite nicely.





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Subject: Jaws and OCR?


Hi All,


At work, I have Jaws 2020 with Windows 10, I believe.

I have Adobe Acrobat Pro.

When I open PDF documents from the data bases we use, sometimes, I’m told that the document is empty. I am then asked if I want Jaws to use OCR for recognition.

I of course say yes, and things work beautifully.


How can I get this to work at home?

I have Jaws 2020 and Windows 10 but I don’t have Adobe Acrobat.

Will I need this to use Jaw’s OCR capabilities?





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