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O.Addison Gethers

Hi Kevin

When press  ctrl + m  is not to send email  to send email is alt + s to send  so when press ctrl + m or f9 ky  is to download  all the email  in inbox folder



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I remember when I was using pop3 for my email, when I hit CTRL+M to send and receive email, I’d get the percentage. I now use Exchange for my email, and CTRL+M doesn’t do anything, because the email is constantly updated. I don’t know what imap does.


Just a thought.


Kevin, Valerie and Jilly


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Subject: Jaws2021 ctrl + m and f9 download email


Hi All

I have jaws2021  and desktop computer  windows10  and using microsoft office outlook 2007 email !! When I press ctrl + m  anddddd/or  f9 key  to download email  in inbox folder  jaws is not saying the percentage of download  like it will say 5% 15% 43% and 100% !! It stop working since Friday,Saturday ,Sunday and today (Monday) !! It have been working  tursday,Wednesday,Tuesday,Monday and Sunday  last week when I call microsoft disability support  on Friday morning when one of their support  did something in email on Thursday night that when I noticed when I came on computer Friday morning to opens the email try to press ctrl -+ m and f9 key to download the email  jaws not saying the percentage of download at all!! But it working on my laptop  computer .

Does anyone  have an idea howI can fix this ?


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