moderated follow-up to my account issue

Madison Martin

Hi all,
Since it would seem that it can be done, so can someone please tell me step-by-step how to change my Outlook.comĀ  account from an Exchange account to an IMAP account? I know that this isn't the best idea, but my account worked grate for the first few days of having it meaning that I was able to send messages and from then on I haven't been able to send messages. Since nothing has changed in terms of settings (I did change my password and all I had the MS Disability Answer person do was unlock my account) I believe that this is the only way that the issue can be fixed, I looked at one of the undeliverable messages and it said that there was an exchange error or something like that. So please if someone can tell me how to do this then please do so, I want to get this issue resolved and even though I realize that this might not be the best idea it's a risk that I'm willing to take so please don't get mad at me or judge me for wanting to do this if you want to do so then I don't want to hear about it. Using latest versions of Jaws, Office 365 and Windows 10. Any/all help will be grately appreciated!! Thanks

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