moderated Re: Question on how can i retrieve an email address?

Ashleigh Piccinino

Sent from Ashleigh's Fire What if, for example, the speech history doesn't have the email address, though? I wouldn't think you would want tons and tons of drafts in your drafts folder, just to view email addresses but not sending you messages or forward any. I am also asking this question,

On December 13, 2021, at 12:09 PM, Chris Hill <hillco@...> wrote:

Have Jaws read the info you want and then use
Insert plus space bar then h will get you into speech history. 


On 12/13/2021 12:00, Albert Cutolo wrote:

Good afternoon everyone, 


Is there anyway that I can read an email address?  I’ve tried doing this using the alt key number 1 while in an open message, but I’m not able too arrow through the address Caracter by Caracter, for me too copy it down in braille, so this is why I’m asking. He is someone   who is a volunteer reader, that I’d like too send an  electronic  gift card too for Christmas, as a thank you for taking time out   of his work             schedule    too reading my mail.   

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