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Tyler Wood

I use the main Spotify program which is not in the Microsoft store for a few reasons.
First and foremost, the ability to navigate by screen reader shortcuts. I can use next and previous button, for example, or checkbox. Spotify's accessibility has really came a long way.
In order to get Jaws into so called forms mode, simply use Jaws key plus z, which deactivates the virtual cursor and allows you to move as though in forms mode. This would let you, for example, use keyboard shortcuts like control up and down to control the volume. Pressing Jaws key plus Z again will allow you to browse normally, as though on a website.

I hope that helps!

On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 2:26 AM Jacob <dx@...> wrote:

On Windows 10 I use the Spotify app from the Microsoft Store. You can see the shortcuts for playback etc in the menubar. The shortcuts only works if I turn off virtual PC curosr by JAWS+Z.

Here is a few key strokes:


Volume=CTRL+Down or Up arrow

Change track=CTRL+Left or right arrow

Seek=Shift+Left or Right arrow

Long time ago I try the desktop app but at that time I find the app from Microsoft Store to be much more useful. Maybe it has changed.

Here is the shorcut list from Spotify's site.

I Think the best accessibility for Spotify will be find in the apps for phones and tablets.

Earlier I think there was some scripts available from some one called snowman but I don't remember what they do. As I remember they're not offered for free.

Seems they're no onger at his site but maybe you can try to contact him. The e-mail is listed at the site.

OZ0TE Jacob

On 2021-12-30 at 08:37 Betsy Binney wrote:

Happy Holidays one and all.


I am having trouble navigating Spotify with JAWS 2022.  Does anyone know of a list of keyboard shortcuts or scripts that make the music service more accessible? I have been on the hunt for this for months and I just can’t find anything.  I sent a message to Freedom Scientific technical support but of course no answer back.


Any help or suggestions are always welcome.  “Don’t use Spotify” is not an answer I would appreciate.




Betsy R. Binney


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