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On Windows 10 I use the Spotify app from the Microsoft Store. You can see the shortcuts for playback etc in the menubar. The shortcuts only works if I turn off virtual PC curosr by JAWS+Z.

Here is a few key strokes:


Volume=CTRL+Down or Up arrow

Change track=CTRL+Left or right arrow

Seek=Shift+Left or Right arrow

Long time ago I try the desktop app but at that time I find the app from Microsoft Store to be much more useful. Maybe it has changed.

Here is the shorcut list from Spotify's site.

I Think the best accessibility for Spotify will be find in the apps for phones and tablets.

Earlier I think there was some scripts available from some one called snowman but I don't remember what they do. As I remember they're not offered for free.

Seems they're no onger at his site but maybe you can try to contact him. The e-mail is listed at the site.

OZ0TE Jacob

On 2021-12-30 at 08:37 Betsy Binney wrote:

Happy Holidays one and all.


I am having trouble navigating Spotify with JAWS 2022.  Does anyone know of a list of keyboard shortcuts or scripts that make the music service more accessible? I have been on the hunt for this for months and I just can’t find anything.  I sent a message to Freedom Scientific technical support but of course no answer back.


Any help or suggestions are always welcome.  “Don’t use Spotify” is not an answer I would appreciate.




Betsy R. Binney


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