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Brian Zolo

Hey there, Claudia, Brian Zolo here in Gahanna, Ohio, feel free to call me BZ, grin!  I just retired from the departmetn of defense after 35 years of service.  It all depdns on what agency you work for and how seriously they take reasonable accomodation.  I first started out with the defense logistics agency and they now do have an excellent section 508 program and a section 508 help desk.  They’ve learned a lesson as it took a class action suit from blind employees but they learned a positive lesson from that and now have a great program.  I then switched to the defense information systems agency in 1999 and my last year of employment with them I actually worked in their reasonable accomodation division.  I’m a firm believer in accentuating the positive and always tried to approach them in a positive manner but when the rubber met the road, the defense information systems agency didn’t want to spend the money necessary to be fully section 508 compliant.  I certainly was blessed to work with some awesome folks but in my exit interview before retirement, I told my supervisor that there was far too much we can’t in disa.  So your mileage will vary depending upon what federal agency you work for.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance, have a great day!  BZ! 


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Hello All,


Is anyone who is totally blind currently employed, with the federal government?

If so, could I reach out with some questions related to JAWS and accessibility of the government data bases?






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