moderated Re: Employment with the Federal Government?

Kane Brolin

On 12/29/21, Claudia <claudiadr2013@...> wrote:
Is anyone who is totally blind currently employed, with the federal
Reach out to Ronza Othman: ROthmanJD@.... She seems to have a
lot of experience relevant to your questions. As recently as 2019,
Ronza was working as an attorney for the federal Department of Health
and Human Services. She is chair of the NFB Blind Federal Employment
Committee and as president of the Maryland State Affiliate in the
National Federation of the Blind. Maryland arguably is the largest and
most influential state affiliate in the Federation. I do not know
Ronza well on a personal level, but she is quite articulate and seems
to be very accomplished in her field. She also seems quite willing
and able to help other blind folks who are seeking or trying to
navigate federal employment.

To join the e-mail list that is native to the Blind Federal Employment
Committee, visit

I hope this helps.


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