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It's late and I can't double-check what I'm about to suggest. However, FS
made permanent punctuation settings more complex at some point, possibly in
JAWS 11. The only way is to create a voice profile, as follows.

Insert-j, which lands you on options. Press enter.

Arrow down once to "Voices." Press enter.

The first choice here is "Voice adjustment." Press enter.

From here, JAWS takes you through the creation of a voice profile, in which
you can identify the application, choose punctuation and more. Actually, if
you don't intend the profile to be global, you may need to open this dialog
while in the application.

Once you have created a profile, you can make changes to it by returning to
voices, but this time arrowing down once to "Select a voice profile."

I hope this is clear enough to get you started. Please post again if this is
unclear, and I'll try to give better details tomorrow.

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Okay. Using Jaws 11. I've had to downgrade for some older compatibility.
I can't find the old Global settings where you can save the amount of
punctuation that is announced for a given application. It says punctuation
controlled by Jaws, but where? In older versions it was under Jaws, Voices,
Global settings, and then you chose the application either default of the
one you had focus in. I can't find it.

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