moderated Alt Key Not Working for Accessing Menus

David Kingsbury

Hi all,

I am a tech instructor, and from time to time, I get a client whose Alt key acts strangely. That is, when they press the Alt key, the ribbon or dropdown menus do not appear. When I ask them to press Alt in combination with another key (for example, Alt H for the Home tab), it works. But this inconsistency is annoying. All are using up to date versions of JAWS, Windows 10, and MS Office, so outdated software is not the problem. If I remember correctly, we also tried temporarily switching to Narrator, but that didn’t do anything. It also didn’t matter whether we used the left or the right Alt key. In some cases, rebooting the computer worked, at least for some time, in other cases, it didn’t help at all. Any suggestions on how to fix this obnoxious problem?





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