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Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...>

Because on the job screens I'm trying to use, the third-party software kind
of controls Word, and the numpad and arrow keys don't read any text as they
should. Everything works fine in the lower versions of Jaws.

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All I can suggest is in the Configuration Manager, in either the User or
Text settings. Sorry, it's been a long while.

Why did you need to go back to JAWS 11?

Dave Carlson
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Okay. Using Jaws 11. I've had to downgrade for some older compatibility.
I can't find the old Global settings where you can save the amount of
punctuation that is announced for a given application. It says punctuation
controlled by Jaws, but where? In older versions it was under Jaws, Voices,
Global settings, and then you chose the application either default of the
one you had focus in. I can't find it.

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