Re: 64 v. 32 Bit Computers for Peachtree Accounting


Microsoft does not require 6GB for Windows 7. They might recommend it for demanding applications, as they should.

For sighted users on medium powered CPUs, the best performance increases I've seen are from using a nice video card on sale for < $125 and 6GB on the 64 bit versions of Windows 7. A registry cleaner and aggressive disk defragmenter will keep the inevitable Windows performance slowdowns somewhat manageable.

After training on VAX/VMS mimicomputers, I started working in IT with: Oracle 5 server on Netware 2.x. The single CPU server (286?) was probably 1% of today's standard laptop in power, the RAM requirements for Oracle were, for that time, very high: 64KB.

Yes, KB. Not MB. Not GB.

Spacious hard drives were 5MB. Not GB.

I think the software was 8bit, but it might have been 16bit.

Microsoft's operating system architecture is appallingly bad in many ways, but somewhat better than it used to be.

Best wishes and good luck with your business.

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just to chime-in here, there is no requirement for a 64-bit system for a smooth operation of Peachtree Complete Accounting. In fact, the vast majority of testing has been on 32-bit systems.

That said, as noted below, 64-bit is far faster. One ought to note that even now the most resource intensive applications come in 64-bit versions e.g., (Windows 7, JAWS, Internet Explorer). Whenever possible, I always go for the 64-bit version.

RAM, is, however, the key ingredient for everything; is it not? Indeed, I believe Microsoft itself strongly recommends at least six gigabytes of RAM just to satisfy Windows 7's needs.

Anyway, Peachtree works great on a 32-bit machine; but if a user has less than six gigabytes of RAM it will be slow.

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