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Ngoc Ly <lyvanngoc@...>

Dear Chris

When I was using jaws 12 with internet explorer 8, I updated Internet explorer to version 9. Then jaws script didn't work well in yahoo messenger. I had to go back to internet explorer 8 then jaws script worked in order...

My question is jaws script for yahoo messenger NOT FOR i.e.

Ngoc Ly

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Are you asking about Yahoo Messenger, or about something to do with
Internet Explorer?


At 09:33 PM 4/24/2012, you wrote:
Dear friends,

I am using jaws 13 and internet explorer 9. I cannot use jaws script for yahoo like in jaws 12. in a chat window, I press alt+1 or alt+2 but jaws doesn't say the chat text...

Please show me how to get jaws script for yahoo messenger with jaws 13.
Thank you very much

Ngoc Ly

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