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On Thu, Dec 23, 2021 at 12:09 AM, <bushyx008@...> wrote:
Currently, is returning all my based messages sent to the two lists which use and has been doing so for the past month or more. The messages are returned as undeliverable.
Then this is a time to open a support ticket with ( to determine what's going on.  There is no policy of that I know of to bounce messages originating from (I presume we're talking about a sender that is XXX@...) and there's no reason that a mailing address being used by a subscribed address should bounce.

It's usually the other way around, and many email service providers mark messages as spam when they cannot be spam, since the only way you get any messages from is if you've subscribed.  They're not unsolicited so, not spam.

Forward one of your bounced messages to support and ask them to have a look.

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