moderated Re: perplexing punctuation problem


I get 194. there is a reset button towards the end of that dialog.

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From: Orlando Enrique Fiol via [mailto:ofiol@...]
Subject: perplexing punctuation problem
Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2021, 11:56 PM
Merry Christmas, y'all.
I'm experiencing a perplexing punctuation problem with JAWS 2022 and
Windows 10. My Customize Punctuation list contains only 72 entries, but
my girl's contains 194. In attempts to repopulate my punctuation list,
I've deleted all .sibil files, renamed my Settings directory and started
from scratch, uninstalled and reinstalled JAWS. The only time when my
punctuation list reaches 194 entries is when I delete/rename my settings
directory and start over. That only lasts until I restart JAWS; then,
the list returns to only 72 items.
Can any of you fantastic folks check your punctuation lists to see if
they contain 72 or 194 entries? Then, if anyone's list indeed contains
194 entries for different symbols, how can I match that?



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