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Did the sighted person tell you what programme was triggering the dialogue box? I see no indication from your message that it necessarily has anything to do with JAWS, though why it’s not speaking the prompt, I don’t know. It sounds like your standard User Account Control dialogue box, though. This is a useful thing in Windows and I wouldn’t turn it off, personally, though keeping it at 33% is fine for me. How many times did you reboot the system/did the dialogue appear?



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Subject: Help with some sort of permissions dialogue


Hello everybody I hope you can help me, and of course I hope everybody is well.

I am running the latest version of jaws  on a Windows 10 computer.

I haven’t used jaws in a while so please bear with me, I may need step-by-step instructions.

 I went into the basics menu and I clicked on jaws start up, I think that’s what it was called. Then I checked the boxes for logging on at the login screen, and the check box for logon after login ,and I set the combo box to always. I click okay but when I restart my computer I hear jaws speaking at the logon screen, I type in my password,  and I am taken to my desktop, at this point there is no speech, then my desktop disappears, and a dialogue box appears saying that this program wants to make changes to your computer et cetera et cetera et cetera or at least something to that effect. there is a yes button and no button and a cancel button ,I click alt why because I’ve been told what’s on the screen by a sighted person  and then it goes to my desktop and jaws start sspeaking.  how can I get rid of this dialogue box appearing?

Regards zoe




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