moderated JFW And The Gmail Basic HTML Web View: Getting Rid Of Unwanted, Repeated Tag Information

Kane Brolin


Since updating my JFW 2022 over the weekend per the subscription I
have, I've been met with a really annoying tendency:

At times I still use the Basic HTML view in Gmail
to interact with or compose e-mail. Whenever I am in the body of a
message I am editing, the word "message body" is repeated whenever I
scroll up or down through a line of text. Whenever I come to a blank
line--instead of identifying that line as blank, JAWS every time says
"message body message body." It reads this tag at the close of every
line that contains text as well inside the edit field.

Adjusting the verbosity settings within JAWS does not seem to help with this.

The effect I'm speaking of seems most pronounced with Google Chrome,
which is now my preferred browser. I am not currently seeing this
with Firefox; so until I solve this Chrome issue, I will use Firefox
with the Web version of Gmail. I'm using JAWS 2022.2112.24 on a Dell
Precision notebook running Windows 10.

Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.

Kind regards,


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