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David Diamond

Sad thing though is, it is a violent time of the year as well, especially violent because people feel the need to give gifts, or should I say, pressured. In truth we should give gifts anytime of the year. Our neighbour has just told us she will not be celebrating Christmas this year because every time she's given gifts to her family, she gets a negative response. AS in, "Is that all I get!!!" A born again Christian restaurant owner told me that all it is for him is a cash grab and he only believes in that, not the actual celebration of it. He further stated it is a pagan celebration and has nothing to do with Christ. I found his comments interesting to say the least.

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Yes, and even if someone doesn't believe in the Christ of Christmas, why should anyone be offended by being wished goodness, blessings and happiness during this season. I had a jewish friend who was a holocost survivor, gone now, but if someone who didn't know wished him Merry Christmas, he would simply wish it back. He knew they meant well and wanted to share their happiness with him and visa versa. We need to all respect each other's beliefs and be gracious to each other. So Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. Judy & Libby

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I have to say I'm a Christian, an Anglican priest, and I don't feel the need to proselytize at Christmas. Many persons wish others a Merry Christmas, and it's just a friendly greeting of the season. Christmas, apart from religious significance for some of us, is a time of special time with family or friends, a time apart from normal routines when people can relax and take time they might not normally do, to enjoy loved ones and special treats.

So, merry Christmas to all! May each of us find a break from COVID grimness!


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Nothing pisses me off more than when someone’s religion is disrespected. Many Christians need to proselytize to practice their faith. It is not unusual for deeply Christian people to offer strangers cheer and fellowship near the holiest of days. That is part of their religious practice.


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Merry Christmas.

Shirley Tracy

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I want to wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Pastor Gil

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