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Shan Noyes

hi please note that the sentinel driver version is a new one and was just added in the December build of jaws so maybe the directories that was observed was the result of the new addition
The reason for the driver update is the signature on the old one expired in June and the new driver was signed in late November and was added to the build in December have a good and safe holiday everyone Shan 

On Dec 19, 2021, at 5:43 AM, Richard Justice <rqjustice@...> wrote:

Hi Bill,
This happened on my machine as well,.
The Sentinel System Driver is for USB authorization dongles
I deleted the Downloaded Installations folder, and have had no problems.
Seems to me that this is a coding problem in the most recent build of Jaws.
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The installation did not abort. JAWS completely installed, and the installation files folder is on both my updated computers.


Bill White




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I feel like I have seen stuff like this before.

Though it makes more sense to use a temporary folder and not the documents folder inside a person’s user profile, I feel like it’s likely JAWS install would normally delete this folder. But perhaps something happened on instalation to abort the process so the folder stayed there.



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A friend of mine just pointed out that the latest version of the JAWS installer (J2022.2112.24.400-any.exe) did something strange after running it. Once JAWS 2022 was updated, it put a folder in Documents called Downloaded Installation Files. Inside that folder was a folder beginning with {, and some numbers, ending in a }. Inside that folder is an installation file for the Sentinel System driver. Does anyone know why this folder was put inside the Documents folder? JAWS runs fine without it, probably because it was already run at the installation of JAWS 2022 update.


Bill White




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