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Adrian Spratt


Thanks. This is the solution.

One more note for anyone wishing to change Google search settings. One set
of choices relates to Google's automatic suggestions for search terms. I
pressed the spacebar on "Never" without causing it to check. The solution
here is to press enter on that checkbox, and then spacebar. Only then does
the check show.

I'm using IE8. I didn't try Cristobel's Firefox suggestion. It's true that
things often work on Firefox that don't on IE, and vice-versa. Fortunately,
David had the IE fix.

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Hi Adrian,
to press the save button on  the google search settings page: press insert+z
to switch the virtual pc cursor off, tab to the save button, and press it.
I think this particular problem on the search settings page has only
appeared recently.
For more details of how to set google search settings, see the search
setting section of this guide to google for jaws users:
I'm trying to keep this guide up to date, but some of the details change
quite often.
original message:

I've just been trying to change my Google search settings, but after I go
through the entire process, I can't get the "save" button to operate.

To be clear, I go to the google homepage and:

1. Log in.

2. Click on the options link.

3. click on the settings link.

4. Check the items I want.

4. Try to trigger the save button with the spacebar, the enter key and by
routing the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor. Nothing happens. When I close IE
and return to this page, the settings haven't changed.

Any suggestions?

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