moderated Re: Question about tutorials for beginner users of office word 365 on a windows 10 computer.

Udo Egner-Walter

Hi all, 

Jonathan wrote: 

If you still don't like the ribbons, JAWS has a setting to virtualize the ribbons into a menu style. I believe there is a checkbox to turn this on in the startup wizard, or you can find it by opening settings center (insert+6) followed by control+shift+d to open the default settings and then search for ribbon. 

Oh yes, right. But if you use this setting keep in mind that the ribbon shortcuts don't work anymore. I don't mean Word shortcuts like Ctrl+N for creating a new document. I mean the layered shortcuts to reach the symbol in the ribbon. I don't have an English word version so I can't provide an example but I mean those keystrokes you press first to activate the ribbon tab and them the next couple of keystrokes. 

So if you ask in a mailing group for advice and they say press x then y then z please remember to turn off this mode at first. 


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