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JM Casey


Although I'm not sure every document (especiallya s it pertains to specific
applications) is updated with rigorous regularity, the JAWS help topics are
right there at your fingertips and are a good place to start, in my opinion.
In fact, they will tell you just about everything you might need to know.
Ther'es also a searchable index. Go to help in the JAWS menu and start
reading from the table of contents.

I can't think of any JAWS commands that are specific to the desktop. The
desktop is just a special folder on your computer that contains a bunch of
icons and is displayed on most systems by default when they boot up or when
no specific application is in focus. You can access the desktop by pressing
windows key +d. This is a Windows command, not a JAWS command -- which
means it works equally well for sighted people or other screen-reader users.

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After five years of having only an iPhone, I now have a PC with jaws 2022
installed. It is clear that I have forgotten a lot.
what advice would you recommend for best ways to become reacquainted with
basic jaws keyboard commands, primarily on the desktop as a start.
Thanks in advance for any recommendations. Keith

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