moderated Re: Question about tutorials for beginner users of office word 365 on a windows 10 computer.

Udo Egner-Walter


I will write my answers to your questions right beneath you question so please make sure to read the whole mail: 

Does anyone know if there are any MP3 media  files or tutorials that I would  be able too download, that could teach me   information on how too make Jaws 2022,  work with word office 365? 

I don't know such a tutorial but I try to answer your questions here. 

For instance, is their a way that I could enable jaws 2022  too set up the classic view for word,   like in earlier versions of  word, without using the ribbons  menu? 

There is no way to use classic menus in word. Maybe there are some add-ons out there to solve this issue but Microsoft did remove the classic menu and exchanged it with the ribbon interface. 

Other examples that I very much want too learn,  is how do  I save a document in word, and then once having saved a document, how would I be able too add additional information in that same document? 

You can save the document by pressing the keystroke Ctrl+S. If your document has no name a dialogue appears and prompts you to give a name to the document. Instead of pressing this keystroke you can use the Alt-key to open the file menu. Go down with the arrow keys to find the command "save" or "save as". 

Also, how would I be able too put a saved document into my documents folder, and not loose that document?

If you do as described above you can select a folder in this dialog. 

Another great thing to save a document in a folder is this: open file explorer and go to the folder you want to save your document. Press the context menu key. A menu appears in which you can select the item "new" and then "Word document". After this Word creates an empty document in the folder you are in and the rename command is active so you can give the file a new name. Open this file by pressing the enter key and write there as you want. 

Next, I need too learn how too save a document as an attachment, and send it later as an email. 

Open file manager and go to the document you want to send. Open the context menu again and select "Send as..". Then there's another command to select. Because I'm using a non English version of JAWS I can't say the name exactly but maybe it's something like "Mail" or "Mail Attachment" or "Attachment". 

I hope this helps you. Good luck in trying out

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