moderated Question about tutorials for beginner users of office word 365 on a windows 10 computer.

Albert Cutolo

Good morning everyone, 


Does anyone know if there are any MP3 media  files or tutorials that I would  be able too download, that could teach me   information on how too make Jaws 2022,  work with word office 365?  For instance, is their a way that I could enable jaws 2022  too set up the classic view for word,   like in earlier versions of  word, without using the ribbons  menu?  Other examples that I very much want too learn,  is how do  I save a document in word, and then once having saved a document, how would I be able too add additional information in that same document?  Also, how would I be able too put a saved document into my documents folder, and not loose that document? Next, I need too learn how too save a document as an attachment, and send it later as an email.  Because I’m so inept on this subject, this is why I’m asking these questions.  I just want too setup the necessary options in word, so that it works optimally and seamlessly with Jaws2022 with words office 365 with windows 10.  I don’t need a complete book on how too use word, just something like a tutorial for word for dummies which is what I feel like one that I am.              


Thanks in advance for any and all help and advice,



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