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Curtis Chong

Good morning:

There are two major changes in Windows 11 which, currently, will work with JAWS. The first is how the System Tray, often called the Notification area, is managed. In Windows 11, you cannot just flip a switch to have all items shown in the Notification Area. You have to manually go down the list of apps and indicate that you want each app shown in the Notification area individually.

The next change in Windows 11 that you might notice is File Explorer. In the Windows 11 version of File Explorer, the ribbon is gone. You have to press the Alt key then arrow to the right to find the various choices.

Dan Clark has put together about eight lessons so far on the changes in Windows 11. Refer to his website

Hope this helps.


Curtis Chong

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Hi. Apparently my laptop's able to get windows 11. I declined it for
now, but wanted to ask how it works with jaws for those who've tried
it. Merry Christmas and happy Friday.

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