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Hi All,
Below is the direct download link for today's JAWS2022 update + what's new in this release.
32 & 64 bit download link:
What's new in this release:
Enhancements in JAWS 2022.2112.24 (December 2021)
The following is a list of improvements made between the November 2021 release and the December 2021 update.
To download the latest release, visit the
Downloads web page.
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Show the Clock Right On Your Braille Display
If you use a braille display that offers status cells, JAWS and Fusion can now show the time from the system clock in the status cells of your braille
display. You can even choose between 12 or 24 hour time as well as display either hours and minutes or minutes and seconds and the time will automatically
update. Having a running clock right on the braille display can be helpful when you are giving a presentation or you need to talk until you reach a specific
time, enabling you to quickly check the time similar to a user glancing at the on screen clock.
To toggle the clock display in the status cells on or off, press INSERT+SHIFT+F12, or if using a Focus braille display, LEFT SHIFT+RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-3.
You can also use the Show time in status cells check box in Settings Center to toggle this feature. If your status cells are disabled, turning this feature
on also temporarily enables them until you turn it off. Turning on or off the clock display affects all applications.
To change how the time is displayed, open Settings Center, search for "clock," and use the following options:
list of 2 items
• Select or clear the 24 Hour Format check box to display the clock using either 24 hour or 12 hour time. For English, the default is to show 12 hour time,
however, this may vary depending on the active JAWS language.
• Use the Time Format group of radio buttons to change the clock display between hours and minutes or minutes and seconds. The default is hours and minutes.
list end
Both settings can be configured for specific applications. For example, you might want to change the time format to minutes and seconds in one application,
but leave it on hours and minutes everywhere else.
If you prefer not to continuously show the clock, pressing a Cursor Router over the status cells area on most displays will briefly show the time as a
flash message and then return to what is currently being displayed. Alternatively, if the clock is currently being shown, pressing a Cursor Router over
a status cell causes what would normally be displayed to be briefly shown as a flash message.
Note: On certain braille displays, the cursor routers and status cells may have a unique function, which could impact this feature working completely on
that display.
Other Changes
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• When launching Teams, Zoom, or Skype, where it is beneficial to separate JAWS speech and audio in a call or meeting, JAWS or Fusion now displays a dialog
box offering a quick tip on using the Sound Splitter feature. There is a check box in that dialog you can select to avoid seeing this reminder in the future.
• The Audio Ducking feature, which lowers the volume of other programs while JAWS is speaking, is now unavailable if JAWS has been routed to the left or
right speaker using Sound Splitter.
• If you are focused on a link in an email message or web page that you are not sure about, you can now say a command like "Hey Sharky, Tell Me the Address"
to quickly find out where the link is going.
• Addressed a reported issue in Word where JAWS was not indicating the word count status in a document when pressing INSERT+PAGE DOWN.
• Addressed reported issues where JAWS was not reading the Clipboard History (WINDOWS+V) or the Emoji panel (WINDOWS+PERIOD) in Windows 11.
• In Google Sheets, resolved an issue where JAWS was announcing the previous cell along with the current cell when using table navigation commands (ALT+CTRL+ARROW
• Added a new Quick Settings option for Outlook 365 for toggling the sounds heard when the auto-complete list opens or closes when typing in message header
fields like To or CC.
• When using JAWS on Citrix, improved performance with navigating Excel spreadsheets, and resolved an issue with Say All not working correctly in long
• JAWS now says "selection deleted" when pressing DELETE on a selected block of text.
• After deleting a line in Word, resolved a reported issue where JAWS would only read the first letter of each line while navigating.
• Resolved an issue in Firefox where JAWS was announcing an extra item when tabbing into a radio button group.
• Addressed a reported issue where JAWS would continue to say "star" when pressing BACKSPACE in an empty login password field.
• When entering text into Word or an Outlook message in a language other than English, addressed an issue where JAWS was reading as if there were no spaces
between words. This was observed with several international languages.
• When pressing CTRL+ENTER in Chrome to open a link in a new tab and you then used CTRL+TAB to switch to it, resolved an issue where JAWS would continue
reading the previous page instead of the new page that gained focus.
• In Google Chat, added the ability to press CTRL+UP ARROW to display the most recent message from the chat history in the Chat edit field. This functionality
will be available in an update to Google Chat coming soon.
• JAWS and Fusion users will now have limited access to Windows Terminal/PowerShell. The December update has some of this working now and we will continue
to expand and improve the support for this with upcoming releases.
list end
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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