moderated a couple of JAWS and zoom questions

Cynthia Bruce

Hello All,


I have noticed a couple of changes in what JAWS is speaking when in zoom – I wonder if anyone has found a solution? I am using the most up to date version of zoom, the current JAWS 2021 (haven’t upgraded yet), and windows 10 on my Dell XPS laptop.


  1. Recently, when I go into the participant list in a meeting, JAWS reads something like  “To move to an item press the arrow keys” before saying the participant name. It is incredibly annoying, and it just keeps saying that as I arrow through the list.
  2. It has also stopped letting me know when someone has entered the waiting room or raised their hand. If I have navigated away from the zoom meeting and am in, for example, Outlook, it will tell me someone has been put in the waiting room. If I am in the meeting, it tells me nothing.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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