moderated Re: F6 being announced

Marten Post Uiterweer

Hi Don,

I think you are using a web-application?

It seems to me, that the f6 message is coming from Jaws.
When turning of the tutor messages in Jaws menu [ins-j], Options, Basic,
then I think the message is gone.

It is not allways clear why Yaws is using a message at that moment.

Kind regards, Marten

On Wed, 15 Dec 2021 22:44:46 +0000 "Don Mauck" <don.mauck@...> wrote:

Hi, I'm looking at an Component that puts JAWS into Application mode.
Then I hear "press F6 to access the search pane.
Tie issue is that developer doesn't know why this F6 message is happening. Is this a product of using Application mode/ I tried this in File Explorer and did not get this message.
Any suggestions or thoughts would be interesting and most appreciated.

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