moderated Re: TWBlue question

Curt Taubert

Not sure if they changed some of the key strokes in the new twblue, but if they haven't it's alt win d for windows 10. That'll send a dm.  It's either that or control win 10.  Sorry I forgot.  But it's one or the other.

On 12/15/2021 3:32 PM, Madison Martin wrote:
Hi all,
How do I tweet a specific person using TWBlu? I've tried doing control n twice,
but it doesn't show who the tweet is going too, and I want it to go to a
specific person. I have focus on the person's name/Twitter handle, but it still
doesn't show that it's going to that person. Using latest versions of Jaws,
TWBlu and Windows 10. Really hope someone can help me as this guy doesn't have
his mentions iopen very often. Thanks

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