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Curtis Chong

Hello Don:


Are you interested in searching the specific folder or all email folders when invoking the CTRL+E command? I find that another seemingly more effective way to search within a folder is to invoke Outlook’s Advanced Find feature: CTRL+SHIFT+F. That one seems to work better for me.


If, however, you want to still use CTRL+E, you first have to change the search parameters to search only the folder you are in. You control this by going into Outlook Options and then into Search.




Curtis Chong



From: <> On Behalf Of Don Mauck
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2021 12:06 PM
Subject: Searching in Outlook - Office365


When using control=E to search in Outlook, I find that the searches never see to bring back what I expect.

If I’m looking for a person named Stock and type that in, I get all kinds of results back. If I put quotes around, the search doesn’t change.

Is this search not working correctly?

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