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Thanks for the reply.  Here is what I have found…  The Envelopes option does not appear on the Quick Access Tool Bar.  When I arrow up after hitting the Alt Key, I can arrow right and left with no Envelope option.  If I arrow to the search option on the Quick Access Tool Bar and type Envelope, I can find it and hit enter to activate.  My hope was that the Envelope Option would appear independently.  I hope that all made sense…




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The unavailable indication means that Envelopes is already in your Quick Access Toolbar. Press Alt, then up arrow. You are now in the Quick Access Toolbar. Start arrowing left or right to see what’s there.




Curtis Chong


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I want to add the Envelope Dialog to the Quick Access Bar.  I found the Envelope Dialog via the ribbon and located the Envelope Dialog.  I activated the context menu and added it to the Quick Access Bar.  Funny thing, JAWS does not read it as an option.  I rechecked my steps and the option to add Envelopes to the Quick Access Bar now states “unavailable.  Hope that all made sense…  I should add I am running Windows 11 with the latest build of JAWS.


Thanks in advance for any assistance,



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