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Bill White

Hi, Rick. I encountered the same problems as did you when going to,


The page is extremely unresponsive to any screen reader, including Narrator. I had better luck when I removed the S from the https: link. Try loading the link below without the S, and wait until the page loads, and begins reading the links.


Bill White




From: [] On Behalf Of Rick Miller
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2021 5:19 AM
Subject: I Cannot Use National Day Calendar's Home Page Anymore with JAWS


Dear Listers:


My favorite website today is  Until just a couple of weeks I used to go to this page every morning.  All of a sudden whenever I would go to this page I found myself unable to use it.  The page would load.  When the load was completed JAWS would read how many regions there were on the page and how many headings and then would start reading all of the links and all of the headings.  When I would hit the Control key to silence JAWS and then try to arrow to the link I wanted to activate the only link that would appear was a link called “adchoices.”  I contacted National Day Calendar via Facebook and they told me they were upgrading their site.  But even now after almost two weeks whenever I try to load this webpage JAWS will read off the names of the links, but when I silence it I cannot go to the link I want to.  I have tried using both my default browser, Microsoft Word and Google Chrome.  Sometimes I will just have the “adchoices,” link, and at other times JAWS will just say “home page,” after I silence it after it automatically starts reading all of the links.  I am using Windows 2010 and JAWS 2022.  Can either of you give me some advice as to how I can rectify this problem?  By the way, this only happens with National Day Calendar and not with any other webpage.




Rick Miller


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